Diagnostic Pathology: Bone 3rd Edition

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Title: Diagnostic Pathology: Bone, 3E
ISBN: 9780323765336
Author: Nielson
Publication Date : May 2021
PU21 Item #: S57


Title: Diagnostic Pathology: Bone, 3rd edition

Authors: G Petur Nielsen,Andrew Rosenberg
Publication Date : May 2021
ISBN: 9780323765336
Publisher: Elsevier
Series: Diagnostic Pathology

This expert volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series is an excellent point-of-care resource for practitioners at all levels of experience and training. Covering all areas of bone pathology, it incorporates the most recent clinical, pathological, and molecular knowledge in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of all key issues relevant to today’s practice. Richly illustrated and easy to use, Diagnostic Pathology: Bone is a one-stop reference for accurate, complete surgical pathology reports, ideal as a day-to-day reference or as a reliable training resource.


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