Muscle Biopsy : A Practical Approach 5th edition

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Muscle Biopsy : A Practical Approach 5th edition

Author: Victor Dubowitz
Publication Date : July 2020
ISBN : 9780702074714
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Muscle Biopsy : A Practical Approach 5th edition

Authors:Victor Dubowitz Caroline Sewry Anders Oldfors
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date : May 2020
ISBN : 9780702074714
Publisher: Elsevier

For more than 45 years, Muscle Biopsy: A Practical Approach has offered, comprehensive, clinically-focused coverage of the acquisition, interpretation, and assessment of muscle biopsies – an area often only lightly covered in pathology texts. Taking an integrated approach that includes clinical, genetic, biochemical, and pathological features, the 5th Edition covers the full range of muscle disease in both adults and children. This highly illustrated, easy-to-use volume helps you navigate this challenging area, bridging the gap between clinical syndromes/disorders and their underlying pathologies.


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